Critics Rave about Ben Greenman’s “What He’s Poised To Do”

One Story author Ben Greenman (Issue # 113, “The Tremulant”) has published a new collection of stories that has literary critics buzzing. “What He’s Poised To Do” (Harper Perennial) has raked in shining reviews from several publications. The Los Angeles Times calls it “astonishing”; Bookslut proclaims it “a book so beautiful, you’ll feel mysteriously compelled to mail it to a stranger”; and PopMatters writes, “I want to run out onto the balcony of my apartment and yell from there how snazzerific, how terrificadelic, how ubertastic this book is.”

Finally, The Millions notes, “After reading What He’s Poised To Do, it’s almost baffling that Ben Greenman isn’t a full-fledged star…he exhibits such compelling mastery over the form and engages readers with compact, electrifying prose.” To read the rest of this review, visit their webpage.

Or, alternatively, you can read the stories yourself and see what has the critics raving! To learn more about Greenman or to share your own comments about his book, contact Gregory Henry at Harper Perennial.

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