The Stars love Andrew Porter

(Dwight proves his excellent taste in stories)

Last Saturday, Los Angeles celebrated the release of One Story author Andrew Porter’s collection of stories: The Theory of Light and Matter. Here’s the word from Andrew himself on how it went:

“The actor event in Hollywood, organized by my dear friend Holiday Reinhorn was absolutely amazing and surreal. Definitely one of the best nights of my life. Among the actors who read from my short story collection were Rainn Wilson, Justine Batemen, Eric Stoltz, Matthew Armstrong, and Nathan Fillion. You can see several pages of photos from the event here, and read a shout out from People Magazine here. My deepest gratitude to all who participated, attended, and helped to organize this amazing night! I’ll never forget it.”

Matthew Armstrong, Rainn Wilson, Andrew Porter, Justine Bateman & Nathan Fillion

Justine Bateman still has it

Eric Stoltz reads from The Theory of Light & Matter

Matthew Armstrong tries out a character

Nathan Fillion loves short fiction (and we love him.)

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  1. However awesome Nathan Fillion seems , he always manages to be more awesome than I expect. Also, congrats to Andrew Porter for inspiring such an event in the first place.

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